Sunday, 9 February 2014

Knots - Chanse Lowell

Jeanie's life has been turned upside down. She's lost her husband at an early age and with him, her way. An offer from a man she's avoided, a man that was her husbands best friend, may be the only thing that can bring light back into her life. Mark isn't like most men. His dominant nature helps him see a different side of Jeanie: a submissive woman with a deep capacity to love and please a man. But having a relationship with him so soon after her husbands death causes strife with her in-laws; the only family she knows. Can Mark set her free, or will she walk away, missing out on the chance for an all-encompassing love?
WARNING: BDSM themes, crude language, anal sex and Dom/sub arrangment involving consenting adults. Story meant for adult audience 18+ due to graphic love scenes and adult themes - BLURB FROM GOODREADS
I was given an ARC copy of Knots for an review and to advise on how the author wrote about the BDSM lifestyle. I can honestly say, that to the most part, she stayed very true to it. Admittedly, it is a bit romanticised. No Dom is that perfectly calm in all situations, but this is a book, so there is artistic license. So if we push that aside, all the situations are all quite truthful. The only part I think I struggled with myself, is when Mark outed their relationship. That's a big trust issue there, and in BDSM, trust is key, and that wouldn't have been got over quiet so easily. I can see what the author was trying to get at with the story, and where it went, but in reality, that sort of trust just wouldn't be earnt back that quickly in a scene. 
As far as the book goes, for me, it was great. It did take a bit of getting in too, but once I got going with it, it was fine. I found the amount of characters a bit intimidating, but eventually I got the understanding of them. I think Marly was a very interesting character, and Tia was very underused. For a learning sub, sister-subs (for want of a better word here), are hugely important, and no Dom would ever dismiss this, and Ronald wouldn't have minded that. Subs learn a lot more from 'Sister-subs than from their Dom's initially. Not the actually practice of what to do, but from what the lifestyle can bring, and what you can bring to it, and what you can achieve. 

I've only given 4 stars, purely because of the gaps in the BDSM scene. The story itself is fabulous. It really should be on people's "To Read" list, if they have an erotica list. I'll defiantly be reading more Chanse Lowell books. :) xxx

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