Monday, 11 November 2013

The Wastelands - S L Walker

With an investigation into Amber’s death, things become complicated for Brittany as she finds herself losing the most important thing – control. Unable to play the puppeteer to Ricky, the marionette strings are cut. Free from the master manipulator Ricky is now in control of his actions with Emma by his side. You may think the only obstacle in his path to happiness is Brittany trying to claw her way back into his life, but you’d be wrong as Onyx introduces him to ‘The Wastelands’ uncovering new opportunity to let loose the part of him Emma fears. Blurb from -

I was a very lucky girl, and had been given this book by the author in return for an honest review :) I was also very excited about reading this book as I had read the previous one not long before, so the story was fresh in my mind.

 There's a lot of plot twists to follow, and the characters have each evolved so much now, it's like they're almost real people. We all know a nice Emma, a bitchy Psycho Britney.  Someone who hides behind a masked exterior, like Onyx/Shantelle, and a very dominant like Ricky, who has finally evolved from the boy to a man, but doesn't understand why D/s needs boundaries at all, etc. It was like home, and my friends were all still there. I was so looking forward to finding out how they cleared up the Amber case....ARGH ! Lol. Ooh girl you've done well! now I'll be buying you're next book won't I? ;p

There's some stand out chapter's, don't think that means any of this book is not good, it's just that some of it is bloody amazing! The chapter that stands out the most, is where Emma takes Ricky to see Onyx for Dom Training. I'll say no more, but that doesn't turn out quite the way Onyx and Emma expect it too, and Onyx is not quite the same after either. 

It's certainly not perfect, but then, what is. We all have our own interpretations. I'm still struggling with the different writing style, but for someone else, no doubt that will be what makes it absolutely perfect!  It is different, unique, AWESOME, and I love that it takes a new track.  S L Walker makes things interesting and fresh in the world of erotica.

Altogether I really like this book. It's so much better than The Accidental Killers 1&2 (review further down), and I liked that too!  

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