Tuesday, 1 October 2013

The Firehouse Diaries - Chasity Breeze

Well I promised you a surprise and here it is, Book Four of The Firehouse Diaries - Blinding Obsession. I've just spent 4hrs at the online Cover reveal party, and WOW!! What a party Chasity Breeze throws. It was all geared towards what the book was about, so there was no doubt why we were there. We had games, and although, obviously, it was all through a screen and keyboard, no talking, and I knew nobody in that room, everyone was wonderful. What an amazing bunch of people. I believe we all shared the same interests, sense of humour, and Chasity plays Host extremely well. 
There were games galore, and extracts of this book, that certainly Whet the appetite. Oooh Chris sounds ever so yummy. We were also privy to some info, that was so secret I'm not able to share, but let's just say IT'S EXCITING!! and awesome news for future books! 

Hot Blog Spot With Chasity Breeze : 

  • Where did you get your ideas and influences from, for this book? Are any parts from personal experience, or your imagination. 

    Well...my Swingers books were from my memoirs! Totally personal experience!As for the rest of the books...imagination! Guardians of the Tri-Parenje is a paranormal erotic book and the Firehouse Diaries' are all fiction! I did research at a fire department with one of my girlfriends...she's actually mentioned in the 2nd Swingers book.

    And one from Sir/my husband - if you could have carte Blanche to write anything an publish anything, no questions asked, what do you think it would have in it? 

    I'd put anything in my books! Being an erotic writer, there are no holds barred!

     Thank you my sweet. You are awesome. Your books are great too. Gotta say, I've not read the swingers ones yet, but saw your link. First one is also free on kindle. No doubt I'll buy them all! Hehe xxxx

    So there you have it. A short and sweet Q&A with the very beautiful and eloquent Chasity Breeze. I can't wait to get stuck into helping four of the steamy firehouse diaries, but first, I really do need to finish the book I'm reading. I keep getting side tracked by ARCs and Betas, oops. 

    Love to you all

    Princess Pain 


  1. Wowzers!! What edification!! Thank you, Your Highness, **curtsies** for such an amazing time last night and for featuring me and my work so eloquently! Loves to you, darlin!
    ~Chasity. <3

  2. You are more than welcome my Sweetheart. I only tell the truth, and the evening was wonderful, and hope I am invited to more of them *evil grin*. You and your friends are more than welcome to hide out on my pages, be it as a showcase of your covers, or as a blog of your books. I really look forward to it :) xxx